Specialist in summer bloomers

Flowers make people happy. A lush flower box, brimming with colorful flowers, makes young and old happy.

However, most of us struggle to keep flowers in good condition, especially after several days of absence from time. The unique Huyskweker concept guarantees an exuberant flowering throughout the season.

Get more out of your company with the Huyskweker concept

We sell floral splendor to our consumers

People like to sit outside to enjoy the good weather. A beautiful garden is very important. Flowering bedding plants should of course not be missing. Bedding plants are annuals with seductive colors that bloom for a long time and are inexpensive. That makes them very popular.

With the unique Huyskweker formula that has been proven in the Netherlands, your consumers can enjoy a beautiful flower splendor all summer long without having to spend a lot of time on this.

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The quality formula of Huyskweker

The care is very simple. The result is overwhelming. The secret?

That is the quality formula of Huyskweker: a combination of selected summer bloomers that a Huyskweker carefully grows into a strong plant. Smart planters with a built-in water reservoir, the best nursery soil and professional fertilizers.
A unique combination that you can only find at a Huyskweker. We promote and distribute this unique Dutch proven formula internationally. You will enjoy it every day all season long!

Balcony - patio boxes and hanging pots

Have been developed by Huyskweker that makes caring for the flowers easy for everyone. Thanks to the concealed spacious water reservoir in the bottom, the container always provides your plant with sufficient water. All you need to do is top up this reservoir regularly and provide the plant with sufficient Viagro plant food. If the plant gets too much water, the container lets the excess water drain away. In short, an ideal planter, where you can quietly go away for a few days.

Growers Potting Soil

The structure of the potting soil determines the amount of water and air available to the roots. In addition to water and nutrients, carrots use oxygen for the growth of the root system. If things go well in the pot, you will see this reflected in the exuberant growth and flowering. Good potting soil will not harden and you will not get your hands dirty!

Viagro plant food

These fertilizers specially developed and used by professional growers are composed of indispensable nutritional elements and unique micronutrients. This gives summer bloomers strength to flower effortlessly and grow well into autumn

Quality summer bloomers

Huyskweker are professional growers with love and attention for beautiful plants. Sale to private individuals, directly from the nursery. Summer bloomers are grown in our own greenhouses.
As a result, a Huyskweker can offer high-quality, strong plants that bloom beautifully throughout the flowering season with the right care.

Admire our mixes

Sell ​​a sea of ​​flowers

Huyskweker: traditional growers of beautiful, strong summer bloomers that brighten up your garden throughout the flowering season

You know us from the exuberantly blooming flower boxes with built-in water reservoir. Do you buy your summer bloomers from us in the special Huyskwekerij balcony or terrace planter? Then your terrace will look bright this summer and you can enjoy an exuberant floral splendor.

Our work creates a smile

The faces behind our company

Huyskweker-VDA Prime considers friendliness and service to be of paramount importance. On the internet you will be overwhelmed with the wide range of possible fertilizers, available flowers, many types of flower boxes and various grower concepts.
This can make it difficult to make the right choices. Huyskweker’s unique quality formula has already proven itself well in the Netherlands. We help you, take your personal wishes into account and are happy to make you a competitive offer.





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